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a. incapable of supporting combustion because the hydrocarbon content is below the LFL (Lower Flammable Limit) 3: The atmosphere in a tank is too lean if it is _____. a. incapable of supporting combustion because the hydrocarbon content is below the LFL b. capable of supporting combustion because the hydrocarbon content is above the UFL c.

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The only option is a new tank. While it is dangerous to have too rich a mixture, the reverse is not true. A lean mixture which results in more air than necessary, while not efficient, is not dangerous. Poor atomization of oil - Just as fuel-rich mixtures could allow accumulation of unburned combustibles, any inventory of a combustible fuel in the furnace can result in an explosion. If terrestrial wind conditions in Earth's atmosphere are too strong, that's also a problem. The rockets are unguided, so they have to be oriented before launch to account for winds.

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1995 High Atmosphere: Ballads and Banjo Tunes from Virginia and North Carolina. 1974.

Too lean tank atmosphere

It follows that: üTanks are kept inerted when they contain cargo /cargo residue üThe atmosphere within the tank should make the transition from inert condition to gas -free condition without passing through flammable condition. üIn practice before any tank is gas freed, it would be purged with inert gas until the hydrocarbon content of the tank atmosphere is below the critical dilution line. üWhen a ship is in a gas-free condition before arrival at a loading port, tanks … 2019-12-03 mixed with air, may ignite. If there is too little fuel, the air/fuel mixture is considered too “lean” and will not burn.
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Too lean tank atmosphere

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What is meant by that the tank atmosphere is "too rich" and "too lean"? The atmosphere is not combustible in either situation.

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Note: Also, verify the evaporative purge solenoid is not stuck open or being grounded all the time by the Engine Control Module (ECM). Such atmospheres are too lean to burn.